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Private Indian money (IIM) discounts, 1909-40; ledgers, 1925-61; and check records, 1928-34

Private Indian money (IIM) discounts, 1909-40; ledgers, 1925-61; and check records, 1928-34

Reimbursable preparations to own studies and you will subsistence financing, 1921-forty-five

Textual Information (in Denver): Telecommunications towards Administrator off Indian Things, including emails sent, 1880- 1927, and you may acquired, 1878-1927. Various emails delivered, 1880- 1927, and you can obtained, 1877-1915. Local emails delivered, 1910-twenty seven, and you will gotten, 1908-20. General correspondence, 1878-1919. Main decimal data files, 1917-58. Yearly accounts, 1879-1925. Rounded emails, 1877-1907. Staff information, along with a sign-up out-of staff, 1878-1925; management suggestions, 1910-49; and account, 1892-1934. Conflict bond campaign information, 1943-forty five. Company building plans, 1881-1916. Dollars accounts, 1878-80. Facts of receipts and disbursements, 1878-1933. Recapitulation away from data, 1919-34. Appropriation ledgers, 1907-41. Allowance ledgers, 1941-47. Pricing ledgers, 1920-51. Standard ledger, 1941-forty-eight. Grazing it allows and lease government info, 1901-65. Home buy investment data, 1933-47. Records around the implementation of forestry system activities, 1911-48, and wood enable invoices and you may diary measure books. Buyers certificates, 1878-1915. Ideas in accordance with Indian laborers, along with payroll away from Indian freighters, 1892-1926, and you may invoices and you can data, 1892-1941. Property valuations, 1910. Homes info, together with allowance and you may heirship enterprise document, 1941; name circumstances files, 1955-56; and you may rent case records, 1953-69. Records concerning the sugar beet system, 1906- nine. Agriculture and you will inventory raising details, 1887-1940. Ideas relating to the Road Office, 1938-forty two. Crisis Maintenance Performs and Civilian Conservation Corps ideas, also management files, 1933-43; opportunity data, 1933-42; enrollee ideas, 1938- 42; improvements profile, 1933-41; and you may bookkeeping ledgers, 1933-43. Mortgage advice ledger, 1930. Industrial survey, 1925. Details according to irrigation, including program details, 1898- 1944. Farming records, 1898-1917. Genealogy cards, 1909. Beginning and death permits and you will profile, 1915-19. Lodge Rod Census, 1900. Variety of Indians from the Fort Belknap Agencies, 1878. Tribal council moments, 1904. U.S. Army discharges out of Indian scouts, 1883-94. Draft membership cards, 1917-18. Sport affairs ledger, 1929-34. Law and you may buy program correspondence, 1886-1945. Courtroom dockets, 1900-forty-five. Suggestions out-of legal actions, 1908-43. Information based on health and appeal, and additionally physicians’ accounts, 1878-1930; interests topic files, 1932-50; rescue program documents, 1935-45; ration information, 1904-46; and you can special passions accounts, 1878-1964. Information per training, including emails taken to new Administrator regarding Indian Items, 1907; system telecommunications, 1928-46; attendance accounts, 1879-1933; student circumstances files, 1917-51; public-school contracts, 1916-23; and you may blogs gotten from Fort Belknap University, 1880-1918. Rocky Kid Service info, also a decimal file, 1928-49; allocation ledgers, 1941-47; treatment administrative data, 1937-45; and you may student situation data, 1935-fifty.

Details of your own Fort Belknap Indian Borrowing from the bank Committee, 1938-43

Textual Records (from inside the Ohio City): Emails sent and you will acquired, 1884-1912; general and you may subject correspondence, 1891-1940, 1949- 50; and decimal communication, 1926-68. Daily diary, 1891, 1913-fourteen. Yearly reports, 1912-19; and you will profile of superintendent’s conferences, 1940-41. Checklist off teams, 1864-1910. Department financial suggestions, 1893-1908. Purchase and you can bid communication, 1912-23. Info of home allotments, 1893, 1909-ten, 1944-49; home sales, 1916, 1921-twenty two, 1926-28; and belongings appraisals, 1915, 1948. Bargain invoices and you may weighers production, 1892-1907, 1914. Ranch reports and you can records 1928, 1934-50. Forestry record and you may account, 1932-33, 1938. Expansion services reports, 1939-54. Heirship info, 1916-21, 1946. Census info, 1877-1940. Crucial statistics, 1888-90, 1901-ten, 1926-fifty. Department doctor’s telecommunications, 1940-forty-five. Battle Restaurants Government details, 1942- 45. Education communications, 1928-33; institution college file, 1937- 51; Browning Boarding College pupils’ information, 1895; and you can information away from college professionals, 1891-1907. Annuity payrolls and you can ledgers, 1911-several, 1917-18. Individual Indian currency (IIM) ledgers, ledger cards, and ledger sheet sets, 1909-58; post and you will control ideas, 1951-65; and you can account 1915-17, 1934-37. Garrison Dam project data, 1946-52. Civil Preservation Corps suggestions, and decimal communication, 1933-41, and records, 1933-34, 1940. Tribal council and you will providers committee times, 1902, 1917-23, 1934-thirty six, 1950.

Textual Info (inside Bay area): Management files, 1898- 1937. Annual narrative and you will mathematical profile towards Administrator regarding Indian Items, 1911-25. Circulars and you may relevant correspondence, 1915-twenty six. Annual comments away from criteria and you can will cost you from regulators structures, 1910-fifteen. Annual tribal census, 1910-29. Record off receipts and disbursements, 1909-17. Appropriation ledger, 1928-30. Residential property allowance appraisal schedule, 1927. Individual Indian account ledger, 1915-18. Personal Indian currency (IIM) ledgers, 1919-29. Communications of your medical practitioner-in-costs, 1929-39. Healthcare provider’s unexpected records on the Commissioner away from Indian Affairs, 1909-thirty five. Facts of Fort Bidwell Hospital, 1906-forty. Profession matron’s profile towards Commissioner off Indian Items, 1907-twenty-four. Community matron’s annual records out-of Indian families, 1922-25. College or university census, 1913-31. Info out of Fort Bidwell School, 1898-1931. Time college reports, 1909-18. Social universities registration and you can attendance account, 1908- 30.

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