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Nate Wright is really rebellious, vain, pompous, and you may arrogant

Nate Wright is really rebellious, vain, pompous, and you may arrogant

He comes with money grubbing and you will frustrated tendencies that will be usually an effective disadvantage, and then he is really care about absorbent. He has got even opposed themselves with other immortal some body. not, he is in addition to funny (even in the event of several emails will say if you don’t), commendable, committed (according to what he is undertaking) and he constantly sticks right up to own themselves and his members of the family when they are becoming bullied. Even though their amounts section average is quite lower, he could be been shown to be a bit smart from the certain minutes, which can be official “street-smart”. He could be rather dumb within other things though. The guy likewise has a great creativity, when he has created of a lot innovative comical courses (particularly “Doc Cesspool” or “Moe Mentum”) possesses assisted his family members out of multiple affairs, in addition to when he helped them find the fatigue from Jefferson Center University and you may helped Chad connect which have atic character in addition to tends to help you homes him about principal’s work environment. He has become offered detention numerous moments and then he are quietly the newest detention “journey book”, though he wears the fresh label with pride. Nate is extremely sarcastic, that’s merely accumulated when he was under pressure. However, he is able to keep each one of these opinion to help you themselves or create him or her down.

Nate features admitted their fascination with other scholar Jenny Jenkins, much so you’re able to the woman chagrin, in which he helps make any try to flirt/chat to her, despite Jenny currently which have a sweetheart (Artur Pashkov) together with undeniable fact that Jenny hates Nate

He’s ailurophobia, also known as elurophobia, meaning he is scared of kittens. Although not, this isn’t always uniform (by way of example, he was willing to get Spitsy out-of an effective feline called Pickles).

But not, he seems to have person out of this, so you’re able to Jenny’s moderate disappointment. Nate is visible mooching dining towards the .


Nate Wright was a comic genius and contains written of several comics regarding his very own. He or she is plus an extraordinary sportsman. His sounds ability are sufficient that he created a band named “Enslave the newest Mollusk.” When you find yourself Nate is a wonderful drummer, he’s an awful trombone player.

There are other some thing he excels during the too. Nate insists that he is destined to blackfling-gebruikersnaam possess greatness. Every prank day at his college, the guy draws from the extremely crazy and you may advanced pranks of all of the. He’s a good benefits collector – his locker are a dump, but almost every other infants error rewarding points in to the to possess rubbish. He’s as well as seemed to has arranged their locker, despite the visible mess.

It is created that he has many degree of handle enjoy and real stamina. Instance, they have been shown to hold his very own from inside the a battle against the loves out-of Randy Betancourt and you will Ellen, all of exactly who has actually a mass advantage over him. When he bankrupt his arm to experience sporting events, he had been capable move their throw facing a beneficial bully having sufficient force so you’re able to stun your. This is exactly then shown by amount of minutes Nate shifts stuff at the his household members with plenty of force in order to stun him or her.

And get a minimal GPA, they are a good strategist, being able to outwit his rivals when you look at the chess with little to no in order to no efforts. They have together with outwitted bullies, generally because of the crushing these with the newest items in their locker. This has been always get him along with his friends aside regarding sticky issues, however, sometimes even over one to. He or she is and in a position to blogs 7 fig newtons within his lips immediately.

  • Feeling of Smell: Perhaps their very unconventional element, Nate have an incredibly serious sense of smell, possibly surpassing the level of the typical dog. He has got were able to place minimal one thing through aroma by yourself to the several occasions. Such as for instance, throughout the a bet having Mr. Galvin, not merely try the guy capable choose the object, that was an effective binder clip, he had been able to smelling just what he previously for supper and you can that the clip was utilized to hang a meal bag during the put. He was along with able to not just choose that which was in Randy’s supper purse, however, he had been and capable realize a note you to definitely their mother kept him. His sense of smelling is really so acute one to even Mr. Galvin suggested it was an enthusiastic affront to help you science.

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